The Slaughter Land

PDFطباعةإرسال إلى صديق

On behalf of half of the world

And on behalf of the rest of the world

Except for those who are careless of the tumble of the dawn

And those who do not acknowledge that humanity is above all

Forever I shall announce the news:

The bloodshed in the land of descending angels

Into where they used to infiltrate and calmly rest,

Where enlightenment commenced and advanced into the whole land,

And then slithered onto every fold of Earth,

Where the sprits’ lights flashed to the rest of the world



The slaughter would not cease,

The agony would not embrace

And the sorrow would evermore soar high and ugly

Where a swine and mad gorilla flared as bad as Satin

And the supporters of the doomed sect roared into the innocents,

Emptying the rudeness and historical hatred into the Syrians

The reason is no more than what they utter loudly:

“I want to live as a human on my marvelous land”

It is the eruption of the soul,

Whereas courage started and blossomed

Then the assassin popped up

And capturing of life ceased into the howls of the wind..

…  Over the vast meadows and peaks of Syria

Whereat the flash flood of plenty of blood dashed to the sea shores and beyond

The normal life has changed dramatically…

Into the stream of sorrow and grief all over the fields

The love has fallen apart and the humanity has toppled



Syria, the Slaughter Land of modern life,

It is indeed Earth for sure,

Where the technology has risen to records high,

And the humanity has advanced into the race of advancement…

It is all perhaps a lie, or a dream in that a beast has been engaged

Thereat, a human is as low as it can be…

No matter what we all hear or read, or rather say

The Globe flies and turns..

Where we all survive on the edge of spout

And the verge of collapse

Claiming we are the flesh of humans

When they torture and kill and the world turns the other way

When heartless revenge wheels and rises

When hatred mounts

No matter what you are

We are worse than other creatures; that they kill to eat

You are all guilty no matter what you say

Feel the pain and say you care

The pain of Syria is not like other pains

We shall forever say.